Emergency Programs

Safe, Protective and Quality primary education for emergency affected children in Somali regions

This project aims to ensure that children in Liben and Siti zones of Somali region whose schooling were interrupted by emergencies are provided with the opportunity to continue with their education. In Somali region, NRC will implement in Siti zones while Organization for Welfare and Development in Action (OWDA), NRCs downstream partner will implement in Liben zone. Besides  The activities are designed to address the needs of learners, teachers and parents during and after the emergency as detailed below.

If the schools remain closed, the project will;
• Procure and distribute solar radios in areas where households do not have radios
• In collaboration with the Somali REB, rent local radio channels and broadcast primary education programs

When the schools reopen, the project will;
• Equip schools with the necessary supplies to meet the school reopening procedures (handwashing, cleaning supplies etc.) and issue guidance for school directors and teachers on the implementation of the safe school operations
• Commence a back to school campaign to maximize retention after the school closures.
• Establish School and Woradas level Rapid Response Teams and make continuous follow up on school community situations and take relevant measures considering COVID19 health procedures & standards.
• Liaise with health extension workers to train teachers on a simplified case definition and alert notification procedures including registration and reporting about the symptoms of COVID 19.
• Train teachers on Psychosocial Support Skills (PSS) psychosocial support in the geographic areas affected by the virus.
• Translate, print and distribute key information on COVID19, e.g. posters for schools and the COVID 19 school guideline.

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